About Us

It all started the summer of 2013, we still lived and worked in Connecticut, but we knew that we were ready for a change. So after much deliberation and planning we packed all our camping gear and the basic necessities into Bill’s Jetta and on Labor Day weekend we set out for the Wild West (or not so Wild West). We started in Montana and made our way through Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado looking at bed and breakfasts that were for sale. Until one fateful night we were driving through southwest Colorado in a horrible thunderstorm and ended up in Ouray. We woke up the next morning opened the door to our hotel and it was love at first site. The sky was blue, the trees were gold with the fall foliage, and the mountains surrounding town were snowcapped and we just stood there mouths hanging open amazed at the beauty of this little mountain town. We did not end up purchasing the little B and B that we had come here to look at but we loved this town and the surrounding area so much that we decided to move here anyway. I got a job working at the front desk of the then Comfort Inn and Bill started work with Skol Studios as a welder. We continued on like this for a few years, just loving life in Ouray, and then in 2016 Betty and Ted who currently owned the Comfort Inn asked us if we would like to buy the hotel from them. I’m not gonna lie, my initial reaction was to laugh, because I had been working there, I knew how much work it was! But somehow Bill managed to convince me and here we are! It has been two years of hard work, renovations, and a conversion to Quality Inn but we have survived so far, and to be perfectly honest we love it. We get to live in a mountain paradise and every day we meet new and exciting people who add to our story. Thanks to all of our guests who have made our first two years incredible!

Emily and Bill